My Greatest Sin

My Greatest Sin I never know when the mood to write is going to hit me. Or what it’s going to hit me with. Sometimes all it takes is a single word or phrase. An image on a screen. A random sound in another room. Suddenly, my mind is flying, and words are slipping from […]

TikTok & Me

So, it seems I’ve joined the rest of the trendy folks of the world and begun using TikTok. I’ve even been so bold as to create a Tok, Er Tik, um Vid? Hell I don’t know what they’re supposed to be called, but I’ve made a couple of them. I’m not fully confident enough to […]

How do I Choose?! 🤷🏼‍♀️

So, I am a huge audiobook fan-girl. There is no getting around it. I don’t have exact numbers, but in the last year since adding them to my book-binging outlets, I’ve listened to at least 270! (Yeah, that number’s probably low even 😬) Anyway, I use Audible for 99% of my books. I subscribe to […]


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About Me

Hey! I’m H.J. Garrett. I wear scrubs by day & a Romance Novelist by night. That is, when I’m not procrastinating and partaking in what I affectionately refer to as #JoeArdenTherapy or #ShaneEastTherapy. (You should totally try it) Anyway, peel around, see what I’ve done, and how I got there or learn about what’s important to me!

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