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I’m a firm believer that there being two sides to every coin, there’s two sides to every person too. Where H.J. Is sweet and deep and delves into healing and the journey through hope to get there… Heather, takes things a little more on the physical side. These women still have a journey to accepting they’re beautiful no matter what shape or size they are. But that’s ok, because these guys know just how to show them that every single curve is exactly where it’s supposed to be!

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“I take the photos, I’m not in them…” Jess tried to step behind her tripod as Marco took another step closer.

Jessica Scott’s eye for photo composition was evident early on when she was winning photo contests at the age of 12. Fifteen years later, she’s highly sought after for shooting models. She’s never lacking for male eye-candy, not that she ever gets to sample the goodies.

Marco Fiorio lives the life of a male model for the most part. He travels the world, gets to wear designer clothes and has an unlimited supply of his female counterpart thrusting their nearly-anorexic bodies at him. But his Italian Momma taught him more than just how to make her secret spaghetti sauce. She also taught him the value of a woman with an independent spirit, plenty of meat on her bones, and beauty is really found in the soul.

Undressing for the Part

Available 8-10-2012

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Donna’s fingers are working their way up one of the most muscular thighs she’s ever seen, and in her line of work, she’s seen several. As the head costume manager for the historic Chicago Theater’s annual tribute to Shakespear, Donna doesn’t have time for men, not that they ever look past the size 2 actresses to see her. The one bright spot in her day? Daniel McGrath. The man is all tension and muscle, and every night, twice on Saturday and Sunday, Donna gets to “feel him up,” as any good costume designer would, you know, just to make sure his tights are always in the right place…
Truly full-figured, Donna sizes herself up as wearing at least a 20. Always one for function, she’s never seen without her multi-pocketed overalls, glasses and a bun or floppy braid. Breaking from her denim routine for the sake of the cast party at a high end Chicago club, Donna slips into a black and pink lacy number complete with slits in the right places and all of her curves on display.

Daniel McGrath is trying his best to avoid the younger girls stalking him when he accidentally steps on someone. He is dumbfounded that the low neck-lined woman knows his name, until he sees her talking to the rest of the cast. Standing as close behind her as he possibly could, she turns and looks up at him, it’s then he recognizes those eyes that had been gazing up at him every day for weeks. He just never thought she was hiding such tasty assets under those coveralls!

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