How do I Choose?! 🤷🏼‍♀️

So, I am a huge audiobook fan-girl. There is no getting around it. I don’t have exact numbers, but in the last year since adding them to my book-binging outlets, I’ve listened to at least 270! (Yeah, that number’s probably low even 😬)

Anyway, I use Audible for 99% of my books. I subscribe to their Audible Escape monthly plan (OMG so worth it!) and I get 1 free credit a month too. I buy extra credits, because let’s face it… I really could use a frequent buyer punch card with these people! I have a wishlist of books that’s easily 3 or 4 pages long still to listen to, and new ones get added all the time. It’s hard trying to play catch up! Because now, in addition to favorite authors, I’ve got favorite narrators which introduced me to new authors, which led to other books by other narrators… it’s a vicious cycle, I’m tellin’ ya! (Ok, no not really. Once you hear some of these voices, and the things the writers make them say… good lawd child! *cue “It’s Getting Hot In Here” music” and IT IS ON!)

So, there’s 2 male narrators in particular that speak to me. Joe Arden and Shane East. Their voices don’t just entertain me, but their soothe my soul as well. I’m not writing enough to support myself solely by it, so I’m still a healthcare worker by day and romance novelist by night. And the majority of the 120 or so patients I talk to on the phones DAILY are breast cancer or colon cancer patients. My “good” days are rough to say the least. My “bad” days, I’m still hearing certain voices as I try to lay down, sick, hurting, dying, some telling me goodbye for the last time. Those nights, I have to fall asleep with Shane or Joe in my ears, or I can’t sleep. I need their voices to wash away those other voices for me. To restore in me the things characters are feeling, trust, care, passion, dedication, love, hope. Because I need those things back inside me when I face the new day, so I can pass them on all over again to my patients.

Enough with the sad… now for my problem… they both recently had new books drop. Actually, more than one in the last couple weeks! Now I’ve hit a wall. I’m supposed to listen to Shane next in my list with Mr. Knightsbridge by Louise Bay. However… the following book in my list, is Joe with One Perfect Touch by Layla Hagen. And I would’ve been fine following my list, except my awesome fellow Arden’s Darlings Facebook Group informed me that JOE FREAKIN SPEAKS FRENCH IN O.P.T. And I happen to speak French… no now my brain is conjuring up his wicked voice, now coming at me in the language of love… and I’m all… Ooo la la Bonjour Monsiour Arden Comment ca va? J’ai manaque ta voix… (translation: Hello Mr Arden, How are you? I’ve missed your voice)

I don’t know which one to choose. I need to though. Which would you go with? The Irresistible Brit, Shane or the Wickedly smexy-speaking in French, Joe?

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