Happy Birthday Disneyland! Oh, and to me too! 🥳

July 17th happens to mark two very special birthdays… first, The happiest place on Earth, Disneyland! And 2nd, me! Being stuck home with my asthma acting up this week, I only had two goals in mind for today… eating cheesecake, and blissing myself out on a Joe Arden Narrator Audiobook Marathon. I’d just spent the last couple days with Shane East for Hello Darling and Sweet Fate, re-devouring Russian Wen Ross/ Kai Kennicott/ Jane Henry favs before that. (Must have been in a foreign accent mood)

Anyway!Thanks to the awesome suggestions I got from my fellow Ardens Darlings Facebook group (seriously you should join us!) I cheated and started the night early with One Night Only by Lauren Blakely, read by Joe and Emma Wilder and Jacob Morgan…

My marathon continued with One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy read by Joe alone for over 4 hours straight.

It. Was. Heaven.

Next up was The Pretending Plot again by Lauren Blakely, read by Joe, this time with Vanessa Edwin.

And my night was ended with my favorite. My ultimate book boyfriend. With it’s cover model perfection (and I might happen to know where the original photo comes from… ahem)… Nate, by Celia Aaron. Read by Joe and CJ Bloom.

All in all, it was an awesome birthday. Cameo didn’t get Joe signed up in time for him to do a birthday wish for me, but, there’s always next year!

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